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We take pride in serving the vibrant community of Chicago, IL as your dentist, and are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their goals for a healthy and beautiful smile. Whether you’re seeking essential preventative dentistry with routine cleaning appointments, advanced treatments like dental implants, or cosmetic procedures such as veneers to enhance your smile, we are committed to being your partners in lifelong dental health. If you need directions to our practice, please refer to the map provided.


If you’re unsure whether your situation qualifies as a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is here to quickly assess your needs and provide prompt treatment for any urgent dental concerns you may have. We understand that unforeseen dental issues can arise, and in such times, having access to an emergency dentist can make all the difference in restoring your oral health and peace of mind.


Directions to Our Practice


If you aren’t familiar with our location, maybe we can orient you by starting somewhere more familiar. Anyone coming to us from the direction of the Jefferson Park Branch of the Chicago Public Library, get onto Lawrence Ave heading west, then turn left onto Central Ave. Keep going a couple of blocks, then turn right at the corner with Chase Bank onto Montrose Ave. We’re the next thing on the left after Mr. Zees. We look forward to seeing you!


If you’re coming to us from the direction of the Austin-Irving Branch, it’s still a very easy drive. Get onto Irving Park Rd heading east, then turn left onto Austin Ave. Turn right at the corner with the Shell gas station onto Montrose Ave. After about half a mile, look for us on your right, just after Hagen’s Fish Market.


Exploring Chicago’s history


Chicago, IL boasts a rich and vibrant history that has shaped its identity as one of America’s most iconic cities. Its story begins with Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, an African-descended trader who established a settlement in the mid-1700s, earning him the title of the Founder of Chicago. 


The town of Chicago, initially home to just 200 residents, was formally organized in 1833 and swiftly grew into a bustling city, incorporating in 1837. Positioned at the strategic Chicago Portage, the city quickly became a pivotal transportation hub, facilitating trade between the eastern and western United States. Its burgeoning economy attracted a diverse influx of immigrants and farmers, fueling its rapid expansion.


The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 wrought devastation, consuming approximately four square miles of the city. However, from the ashes emerged a renewed Chicago, rebuilt with steel and stone, including the construction of the world’s first skyscraper in 1885. This rebuilding effort spurred remarkable growth, leading to the annexation of several neighboring townships. 


Despite the challenges posed by Prohibition and the Great Depression, the city persevered, emerging as a prominent center during the Gangster Era, with infamous figures like Al Capone leaving an indelible mark on its history.


Experience Our City’s Rich Heritage


Visitors to Chicago have the opportunity to delve into its fascinating past through a variety of engaging activities. The Chicago Architecture River Cruise offers a unique perspective on the city’s skyline, showcasing its impressive buildings and architectural landmarks from the vantage point of a riverboat. Rated as North America’s #1 boat tour, this excursion provides an immersive journey through Chicago’s architectural legacy. 


For those intrigued by the city’s darker side, the Gangsters and Ghosts Tour offers a captivating exploration of Chicago’s criminal underworld and spine-chilling ghost stories. Delve into the intriguing history of the city as you uncover its secrets and marvel at its architectural wonders.

Top image by Wikimedia user Yuchien.ning used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

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