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We offer a wide range of dental services at our practice, including emergency dentistry. If you experience a dental emergency in Portage Park, contact Z Dental Care immediately so that we can treat you as quickly as possible. Our dentists provide urgent dental care to patients from the city and nearby communities. We treat all types of dental emergencies, including toothaches and tooth pain, emergency root canals, knocked-out teeth, damaged dental work, and more. We look forward to being your partner in dental health.


If you are unsure whether your situation is considered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We quickly diagnose and determine the gravity of the problem and treat you according to your emergency needs promptly. Sometimes life happens, and there are just times when dental care is immediately needed. In these times, an emergency dentist is who you need to call.


Directions to Our Practice


If you aren’t familiar with our location in Portage Park, we can help using a few notable starting points in town as a reference. For anyone coming to us from the direction of Portage Park (the actual park), come up the west side on Central Avenue and continue north a few blocks. Turn left onto Montrose Avenue. We’re second on the left, after the corner lot with Mr. Zees II. 


If you’re coming to us from the Portage-Cragin Branch of the Chicago Public Library, take Belmont Avenue west and turn onto Laramie Avenue (there’s a Subway on that corner). Keep going north for a mile and a half, then turn left onto Montrose Ave. Follow that all the way to us, kitty-corner from Chase Bank after the Central Ave intersection.


All About Portage Park


Our neighborhood is located in the northwest of Chicago, one of its 77 officially designated community areas. We have the Jefferson Park and Forest Glen community areas to the north, Dunning and Harwood Heights suburb to the west, Irving Park to the east, and Belmont-Cragin to the south. Portage Park is notable for our Six Corners outdoor shopping district, the Portage Theater, and the park we’re named after. 


Chicago’s largest Polish community lives in Portage Park, and we’re also home to the Polish American Association, the Polish Army Veterans Association, the Polish Jesuit Millennium Center, and numerous Polish shops and businesses. One of our parks is even named after Poland’s most famous pianist and composer, Frederic Chopin.


The History of Our Neighborhood


In 1850, the area that now encompasses Portage Park, Chicago, underwent significant developments, including the construction of the Northwest Plank Road, known today as Milwaukee Avenue. At this time, Jefferson Township was formally established at the renowned Dickinson Tavern, setting the stage for future growth. The late 19th century saw a significant transformation when a substantial portion of land, including this area, was annexed to the city in preparation for the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1889.


During the early 20th century, Portage Park remained predominantly rural until the expansion of streetcar lines along Milwaukee, Irving, and Cicero Avenues began to draw immigrants seeking refuge from the crowded city enclaves. Among these immigrants were families of Scandinavian, German, Italian, Polish, and Irish descent, hailing from industrial districts along the Chicago River, such as Polish Downtown and Goose Island. 


These newcomers saw the potential in the area, purchasing land and building their homes. Visionary developers like Szajkowski, Schorsch, Koester, and Zander played pivotal roles in transforming former farmlands into the charming residential subdivisions that are now part of Chicago’s renowned “bungalow belt.” Portage Park has since grown into a vibrant and diverse community with a rich history.

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